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It contains:

  • A brief overwiew of the world of Midgard
  • Fangs below the moutain: a turnkey scenario for 4 players, illustrating the themes addressed by the game
  • 4 pre-made characters and gaming helps

What is Einherjar?

An epic saga…

  • Stones of Aegir : a huge narrative campaign in three volumes
  • A prologue in which is mixed the characters creation
  • 15 scenarios that take players up to level 14
  • More than 600 pages of adventure
  • Fully OGL 5E compatible

…and a new world to explore.

  • A setting inspired by Nordics legends
  • A complete Atlas of the Norse Domains
  • New races, both for players and npcs
  • Powers and abilities granted by the Gods
  • Countless places to discover and explore
  • The pantheon of Aesir and Vanir reinvented
  • Dozens of primers to create your own adventures
  • Beautiful illustrations by Cyril Pontet, Bernard Bittler and Einar Martisen

Odin sent his faithful Valkyries to Midgard,

And to the chosen ones bestowed his power.

Turned into supermen, mortals no longer,

Proud warriors of the Gods, thus called Einherjar.

Extract from the Ragnarök legend

The Atlas offers a description of the world of Midgard and its history, focusing on:

  • Niflheim, a supercontinent where Norse predominate
  • A description of the main Domains. Placed under the authority of Jarls, each one is imbued with its own atmosphere, and filled with opportunities for heroic adventures and forgotten places full of mysteries and dangers.
  • An overview of the territories belonging to other civilized peoples : the mountain kingdoms of Dvergar, the sylvan and nomadic communities of Light Elves, or the empire of the Khâân.
  • Vast unexplored and hostile regions, hiding many treasures and formidable threats, such as the Desolations or the Land of Trolls.
  • A presentation of the main factions that can be found throughout the Federation

It also describes the characteristics of the main humanoid races you can find on these lands, to give more personality to your player or non-player characters.

Norse are proud and brave, but very superstitious. Descendants of a people who ruled all over Niflheim before the Great Cataclysm took everything away, they now survive in their Domains, facing the rigors of a harsh climate and the barbarity of Beastmen and savages !

Dvergar are small, gaunt skinned beings with gnarled extremities, a legacy inherited from the Stone Giants. They were granted an innate aptitude for arcane mastery and stonework, making them into talented silversmiths and the most renowned creators of runic artifacts. Although they possess ancient kingdoms hidden in the oldest mountains of the world, they blend easily with their Norse neighbors.

But that is not all of them! You will also have to deal with the impertinent Halflings, and their reckless enthusiasm, or you can encounter Half-Elves, individuals often rejected by their native communities, and anxious to prove their worth.

Jottuns are the serf of a cruel society of Frost Giants who rule Jötunheim. These half-giants are large and got a thick skin that protect them from the arctic cold. Their hair and beard are made of froste, causing serious frostbite to those who touch them. Their society is based on order and responsibility, each member entrusted with a role to carry for the tribe. Those who try to break away are banished, equivalent of a death sentence on the icy expanses of Thrym’s kingdom.

Surtkins are stocky humanoids, with a dark, red-tinged skin, who dwell on the continent of Muspellheim. Women are often thinner and taller than men, but hey all share an extraordinary characteristic: their brightly colored hair sparkles and waves like a flame and emits a gentle heat that can become unbearable when they got angry. They have inherited from the Fire Giants an incredible resistance do fire and a gift for forging metals. Recently emancipated from the influence of Surtur, the Fire Titan, they still arouse many suspicions from other races.

Players will also be confronted to trolls and giants, servants of the powers that fight against the interest of the Gods, or the terrifying Draugar, the restless form of drowned people cursed by the goddess Hel. Old legends mention the fearsome Ürr-Oks, a dark orc breed from the East that have built a brutal military society based on honor. Other myths suggest the existence of Dark Elves who rule the underground kingdom of Svartalfheim, but these children’s stories are not given much attention.

A revisited Pantheon

The Celestial Realms, consisting of the Battlefields of Idavoll, the vast gardens of Vanaheim and the majestic city of Asgard, are home to a multitude of deities. Divided into two families, the Aesir (Gods os civilization) and the Vanir (Gods of nature) have watched over Midgard for millenia, offering their gifts and divine blessing to those mortals who prove worthy.

Eighteen major divinities are described in detail in the Atlas, among which you can find :

  • Odin, the All-Father, the One-Eyed God
  • Frigga, Queen of the Sky, the Prophetess
  • Thor, the Giant’s Scourge
  • Frey, the Rainmaker
  • Heimdall, Guardian of the Bifrost
  • Hel, the Two-Sided Goddess
  • And many others

When the need arises, Odin sends his Valkyries to select the most promising mortals. The chosen ones are granted the Valknut, thus designated as Einherjar. With this magical rune affixed to their bodies, these honorable and valiant warrior’s find themselves invested with the power and the wills of the gods.

Stones Of Aegir

Stones Of Aegir” is an epic three volumes campaign in which the player-characters’ quest for vengeance will lead them on a path to the evil schemes of a forgotten entity. Guided by the Gods and their allies, they will face the threat in Dantean battles.

  • A prologue set 10 years before the events of the campaign integrates character creation and welds the protagonists together !
  • The 15 scenarios take players up to level 14. Exploration of the world and its rigours, investigations, dungeons, battlefields and naval battles are just a few of the adventures that await the characters during their sage.

Take part in this adventure where High Fantasy mixes with traditional Nordic legends. Will your names be immortalized in the skald’s songs, echoing for eternity in the majestic halls of Asgard? Or will time slowly erase all evidence of your very existence?

Prove that you have what it takes to become a chosen of the All-Father !